WELCOME to AYEN'S Fine Jewelry Collection!


We started selling jewelry in 1987 catering mostly to those in the medical and paramedical professions. It was not an accident that we focused on these demographics. As this is the kind of business where mutual trust is paramount, it is but natural for us to reach out to the very people that trust us as much as we trust them - our relatives, friends, and former classmates. And a lot of our relatives, friends and former classmates from medical school are in these areas of endeavor.

Our niche grew by word of mouth to such a critical mass that we were able to weather past national and regional economic downturns. For this we thank all of our customers for their support and confidence in us. Even in those times, they just didn't stop giving jewelry to their loved ones on special occasions because they know that they can always eloquently express their love through jewelry. It's not luxury for them, but unlike flowers that wilt and then thrown away, it is a lasting expression of love. In fact, it is more economical if a pair of earrings serve as a gift for a birthday and Christmas. The sentimental and romantic value tower above all else.

Our brick and mortar business model allows us to devote more personal time to our clientele and to lower our expenses as well. We do business by appointment only in an office setting. We see to it that our clients are comfortable and that they feel secure that their purchase is made in private and in utmost confidentiality. That is why we regret to say that we cannot entertain walk-ins.

If need be, we fly or drive to accommodate a regular and loyal client from another state. They usually have custom orders for very special occasions and don't have time or don't want to shop, so we confer with them in person at their place and design whatever he/she needs to be done.

Our original clients, when our business was in its infancy, are still with us and they are still referring their family and friends. Clients who move to another state still call us for their jewelry needs. Such is our bond with our clientele.