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160-171 Lady's Tricolor 18K Round Pendant 27mm with 1=0.19 carat Oval Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond, 6=0.12 carat tw Round Nat. Fancy Yellow Diamonds, 56=0.27 carat tw Round Nat. Fancy Pink Diamonds and 110=0.35 carat tw F/G Vs-Si Diamonds. $5875.00
160-267 Lady's White 18K Flower Pendant 16mm with 25=0.93 carat tw Round F/G Vs2 Diamonds. 

230-166 Lady's White 18K Flower Slider Pendant 15mm with 5=2.07 carats tw Pear Red Rubies and 51=0.30 carat tw Round F/G Vs-Si Diamonds. $2,400.00
320-016 Lady's 2-tone 18K Pendant 1=10x10mm Round Golden South Sea Pearl and 11=1.61 carat tw Various Shapes Vs2 Cognac Diamonds. $4,428.00
230-165 Lady's White 18K Drop Slider Pendant 20mm with 3=1.62 carat tw Cushion Blue Sapphires and 17=0.12 carat tw Round F/G Vs2 Diamonds. 
160-265 Lady's White 18K Slider Pendant with 30=2.08 carat tw Marquise F/G Vs1-Vs2 Diamonds and 79=0.63 carat tw Round F/G Vs1-VS2 Diamonds. 
160-269 Lady's White 18K Snowflake Pendant 15mm with 6=0.24 carat tw Baguette G/H Vs2 Diamonds, 6=0.47 carat tw Marquise G/H Vs2 Diamonds and 1=0.08 carat Round F/G Vs1 Diamond. $2370.00
160-291 Lady's White 18K Round Pendant 10mm with 1=0.17 carat Round G/H Vs2 Diamond and 31=0.24 carat tw Round F/G Vs1-Vs2 Diamonds. $1500.00
160-288 Lady's White 14K Cross Pendant with 11=0.96 carat tw Round F/G Vs2 Diamonds. 
230-163 Lady's White 18k Slider Pendant 14x14mm with 1=1.51 carat Cushion Bluish Violet Tanzanite, 8=0.25 carat tw Baguette F/G Vs1 Diamonds and 48=0.33 carat tw Round F/G Vs1-Vs2 Diamonds. $2,445.00
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