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165-020 Lady's White 18K Necklace with 15=0.63 carat tw Tapered Baguettes G Vs Diamonds and 3=0.15 carat tw Round G/H Vs2 Diamonds. $3550.00

165-175 Lady's 2-tone 18K Necklace adjustable length with 1=0.46 carat Pear Natural Champagne Diamond, 1=0.05 carat Round Nat. Champagne Diamond, and 44=0.38 carat tw F/G Si1 Diamonds. $5550.00
165-224 Lady's 2-tone 18K Necklace with 1=0.36 carat Oval Vs2 Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond, 28=0.14 carat tw Round Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds and 26=0.19 carat tw Round F/G Vs-Si Diamonds. $ 5475.00
165-238 Lady's Rose' 14K Heart Necklace adjustable length with 28=0.20 carat tw Round F/G Si Diamonds. $1475.00
165-228 Lady's Yellow 14K Necklace adjustable length with 39=0.24 carat tw Round F/G Vs2 Diamonds. $1475.00
165-216 Lady's 2-tone 18K Necklace with 1=0.28 carat Oval Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond, 40=0.26 carat tw Round Nat. Fancy Yellow Diamonds and 27=0.12 carat tw Round F/G Vs-Si Diamonds.  $5625.00
235-078 Lady's White 14K Riviera Necklace with 110=16.00 carats tw Round Multicolored Sapphires.
235-079 Lady's White 18K "Y" Necklace with 110=3.60 carats tw Round Blue and Yellow Sapphires.
165-235 Lady's White 14K Necklace adjustable length with 35=0.15 carat tw Round F/G Si Diamonds. $1225.00
235-082 Lady's White 14K Necklace Adjustable length with 4=0.40 carat tw Round Red Rubies and 20=0.11 carat tw Round F/G Vs-Si1 Diamonds. $1375.00
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